Get more learning and behavior change from your training dollars with:


Drama-Based Training

(Leadership, Change, and Customer Experience workshops utilizing the Energy Leadership Model)

Drama-based learning has been proven to be one of the most effective training methods available.  

Learning using theatrical and interactive drama-based methods, is a powerful way to help organizations engage their staff and improve how they work in a sustained and meaningful way. 

Why drama-based training?

· Interactivity:  experiential learning involves participants in a way that classroom training never can.

· Explore difficult issues:  these can be generic or specific to an organization. It can make emotionally charged issues easier to talk about.

· A non-threatening, safe environment:  to reflect on their participants’ own and others’ behavior.

· The closest thing to the actual experience: when learning through drama-based training, the objective is to help participants learn by giving them an experience that is as close to the real-life scenarios as possible.

· Engages both the right and left sides of the brain:  a key advantage over lectures and traditional classroom-based learning.

· Greater emotional impact on the participants: by impacting the affective domain (attitudes) of learning which is usually neglected by traditional ways of teaching.

· Sustained impact on behavior:  lessons are better learned through experience. Experiential training has a sustained impact on behavior, attitudes and performance.

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Drama-Based Team Building

Drama-based Team Building provides:

- a fun and powerful experience while improving a team's communication, collaboration, innovation, and problem solving skills.  

By practicing improvisational activities, individuals can: 

develop the lateral thinking and creativeness necessary for effective communication within groups and among team members. 

In performance improvisation, it means:

- listening to what someone else says, accepting what they say,

- then building on that.

In business terms, it means:

- listening at a deep level and being present in the moment,

- accepting any idea that's brought to the table,

- then taking that idea further.

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Art-Based Training

Art-Based Training provides training and consulting services in communication, leadership and team building to corporate clients globally.

Our flagship offering is Communicating with Canvas, a workshop that combines communcation and art, utilizing personality profiles like Myers Briggs, DISC, or Insights.


This workshop helps individuals and teams:

- explore their unique communication styles and abilities

- communicate more effectively 

- understand each other's work styles 

- leverage each other's strengths

 All through a fun interactive painting project where no artistic skills are needed!



Coaching is a powerful tool for focus, self awareness, and authenticity as a leader.  

"Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole." 

We utilize:

Energy Leadership Coaching 

- Energy Leadership Instrument Assessment

- 360 Assessment tools

to address their most pressing business challenges, define career goals, gain outside perspective, find better work/life balance, improve their leadership abilities, increase their performance and put steps in place to get them to the next level of their careers. 

This personalized process will rejuvenate and enable them to build a more fulfilling, well rounded life as well as a successful career.

Energy coaching can also help teams focus on the goals, bring their best to the team, and build a culture in which all can thrive. 

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