We combine years of experience in learning and development, strong business acumen and an innovative flair.  


What we stand for:


Provide a fun and memorable learning experience in order to make a dramatic improvement in the lives and performance of individuals and organizations. 


Reinvent the learning experience by using the arts to fully engage the learner, increase retention of the learning, and enhance understanding of self and others for positive change.


Our Values:

Fun – We believe we learn better, change our attitudes, and are more engaged when we are all having fun along the way.

Bring value to our customers and ourselves – We strive to ensure our products and services bring real value to our customers, and we listen to you for the value your feedback can bring to us.

Creativity – We are not just going to follow the norm, we are going to think outside-the-box to create better solutions.

Great customer experiences – We work hard to provide exceptional and memorable experiences for our customers.

Respect and Acceptance – We embrace diversity and know the value of respecting and accepting our differences.  

Synergy – We include all stakeholders in the process of development and consultation in order to create the best outcome for all. 


Why Arts-Based Training

There are many ways to impact learning, but one of the most effective ways of getting value for our training dollars:

-is to recognize the cognitive way that adults learn, and engage more of their brain and tap into their emotions in the process of learning.

This has been done effectively for many years in countries like the UK and Australia.  Training companies have borrowed from the arts to make their training more engaging, memorable, and most of all helped participants retain more of what they learn.  

In the last decade, according to Viv Nelson of Nelson Training:

“a quiet revolution has taken place across the UK. Aspects of the performing arts are now common inclusions in business training sessions and conferences.”

Participants from companies large and small, public and private sectors are saying:

This was innovative and effective, as well as practical and down to earth!

Really drove the learning point home!

It drew me in!

Made me laugh and really enjoy the session!

Thoroughly enjoyable and produced good results!